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Perhaps two of the best things a student can do for his future are read and exercise. That’s why Ward Elementary school in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, decided to try to make the two activities, but at the same time.

Behind the complex include a trailer and it balance bikes for toddlers only different books in them. This is part of the “Read and Ride” program and is just as the name says, reading and cycling. Teachers bring their students usually for 15 minutes to burn energy and read different books.

The initiative also seeks to find other ways to increase productivity. A primary student must be on average sitting at a desk about six hours and while growing concerns about the damage that has for concentration and health being seated for many hours, this option is seen as a possible escape.

We had already written about other similar initiatives, seeking to break the pattern of students and make the exercise as an ally in teaching. One example is the desktop stand, we spoke in this note.

The program began five years ago. This classroom is equipped with bicycles and teachers bring their students at different times of day. The premise is simple: while pedaling, also read.

He began performing with the idea of burning calories. But it turned out that students in addition to exercise, learning more. The same school analyzed the data at the end of that school year and concluded that students who had been longer in the program, had achieved higher reading skills by 83%, while those who spent less time in the program, had only 41% improvement.

Even some ordinary school rooms have an extra bike in the corner, so that the children are restless and can not sit still, to use.

“The exercise bikes make it entertaining reading for many children who are frustrated when they read,” he told Fast Company Scott Ertl, one of the educators who started the program. “They have a way to release that frustration while riding bicycles.”

The teachers explained that the same frustration for many was not easy to release it for example in gym class because many overweight students have to deal with sports and activities that do not want to fail or embarrass. In contrast, stationary bikes are able to find their own level and overcome individually, without comparing it with the rest.

It also serves to encourage reading. Being on a bike gives you the feeling some children, that a book can be read anywhere.

“Many students associate reading with sitting at a desk,” said a teacher of that establishment. “Somehow opens their eyes and teaches them that they can get a book and accompany them wherever”.

That’s why Read and Ride has spread to 30 other schools in United States.


Bicycles are no trend! We saw a few months ago that many authors were lovers of two wheels, and in any case, it is clear that moving bike is becoming more fashionable. It is an environmentally friendly, cheap, natural transport, and also allows luzcamos enviable legs in summer. And best of all, it has much more charm than any other!

If you want to get started in the world of cycling and not yet know how, you can start by reading about it. We are not going to propose today sporting manuals, but 10 books on travel by bicycle, thoughts on the bike, or just novels where the bicycle has a special role. 10 works that combine literature and bicycles, and just why we like twice.

1. Praise bicycle – Marc Augé

Marc Augé is an anthropologist (who coined the concept is “no place”) but also a great fan of cycling. The title already indicates well what we find in the book: cyclist much passion, but also varied reflections on this transport, childhood memories, or his admiration for cyclists 50s.

2. Ubú bike – Alfred Jarry

We saw at the time to Jarry with his bike, and this nineteenth-century writer was declared fan of it. This book contains several surrealist texts featuring (among others) by bicycle, although the title refers, as one would expect to Ubu, his most famous character.

3. A History bike – Ron McLarty

The protagonist of this story weighs 126 kilos, smokes and drinks too much and works on an assembly line. But he decides to turn his life around, hop on a bike and tour the United States from west to east in search of what he wants most.

4. The cyclist – Tim Krabbé

Novelist Tim Krabbé in his youth participated in several races in this book “autificción” tells one of them, the Tour of Mont Aigoual, mixing more annotations “cyclists” with general reflections on life. For many, the best book ever written about the sport.

5. Bicycle Diaries – David Byrne

The famous singing David Byrne (yes, Talking Heads) tells in this book travel all that goes through your head aboard his bike cities as diverse as Buenos Aires, Istanbul, Berlin and San Francisco.

Music streaming outweighs CDs

These services generated revenues of 1,870 million dollars last year in the US, over 1,850 million spent on CD.

Step by step, services streaming music have been eating him terrain to the physical media, up to the situation last year in the United States, where streaming generated revenues of 1.870 billion dollars , above the 1.850 million Americans spent on CD.

It is the first time that revenues generated by the transmission of online music exceed from the sale of CDs, according to data from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

The sales of music streaming include subscription services like Spotify and Beats Music , radios like Pandora and Sirius XM , and video services such as Vevo or YouTube . In total, revenue from streaming grew by 29% compared to 2013, while best tactical watch sales fell 12.7%.

But the first place in the record industry revenue corresponds to digital downloads , with sales of 2.580 million. Of course, sales fell 8.7% last year, reports CNET .

In percentages, the RIAA data show that digital downloads are the largest share of total sales of the music industry in the US: 37%. The streaming accounted for 27% of total revenues, compared with 21% in 2013, but still in third place. Sales of physical disks , meanwhile, remain in second place with 32%.

Within streaming services, one of the most popular segments were the free services with advertising , as the free version of Spotify or YouTube. This category grew 34%, although still has a relatively small income: 295 million in revenue. Subscription services like Spotify Premium, Rhapsody and Beats, generated 799 million.