Bicycles are no trend! We saw a few months ago that many authors were lovers of two wheels, and in any case, it is clear that moving bike is becoming more fashionable. It is an environmentally friendly, cheap, natural transport, and also allows luzcamos enviable legs in summer. And best of all, it has much more charm than any other!

If you want to get started in the world of cycling and not yet know how, you can start by reading about it. We are not going to propose today sporting manuals, but 10 books on travel by bicycle, thoughts on the bike, or just novels where the bicycle has a special role. 10 works that combine literature and bicycles, and just why we like twice.

1. Praise bicycle – Marc Augé

Marc Augé is an anthropologist (who coined the concept is “no place”) but also a great fan of cycling. The title already indicates well what we find in the book: cyclist much passion, but also varied reflections on this transport, childhood memories, or his admiration for cyclists 50s.

2. Ubú bike – Alfred Jarry

We saw at the time to Jarry with his bike, and this nineteenth-century writer was declared fan of it. This book contains several surrealist texts featuring (among others) by bicycle, although the title refers, as one would expect to Ubu, his most famous character.

3. A History bike – Ron McLarty

The protagonist of this story weighs 126 kilos, smokes and drinks too much and works on an assembly line. But he decides to turn his life around, hop on a bike and tour the United States from west to east in search of what he wants most.

4. The cyclist – Tim Krabbé

Novelist Tim Krabbé in his youth participated in several races in this book “autificción” tells one of them, the Tour of Mont Aigoual, mixing more annotations “cyclists” with general reflections on life. For many, the best book ever written about the sport.

5. Bicycle Diaries – David Byrne

The famous singing David Byrne (yes, Talking Heads) tells in this book travel all that goes through your head aboard his bike cities as diverse as Buenos Aires, Istanbul, Berlin and San Francisco.

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